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About Bowenwork

Bowenwork signifies a non-invasive soft tissue technique aimed at supporting the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing. Internationally recognized as Bowtech, this therapeutic approach traces its roots back to the pioneering work of Thomas Bowen, an Australian practitioner, in the 1950s. Utilizing a subtle, gentle touch, Bowenwork diverges from more forceful manipulative techniques.

Reduced Pain

Reduced Stiffness & Motion Limitations

Reduced Muscular & Emotional Stress

Increased Flexibility

Increased Blood Flow

Enhanced Soft Tissue Healing

About Jane Sarro

“I have dedicated my life to health and fitness and have been a Bowenwork practitioner for over thirty years.

My vision in my work is helping people realize through awareness that it is the little things we do daily that may keep us from healing completely. Better awareness of healthy body mechanics compliments the healing process of Bowenwork. I am confident in my years of experience and successes that I can jump start you on a path to a healthier, happier and productive life! Thank you for the opportunity to help you heal yourself. Every body is better with Bowen!

I invite you to explore the information found in my website. I welcome your questions and encourage you to contact me to discuss how Bowenwork can help you. Experience for yourself the benefits of Bowenwork. I look forward to hearing from you.

In health and relaxation,”

Jane Sarro

"After 3 visits, I had not one migraine! That's 3 weeks without a headache. I haven't had that in 5 years, despite trying many therapies and life alterations. Bowen has given me relief I haven't had in a long time and my attitude and sense of wellness and balance is remarkable. It's been life changing. Jane's experience and skill is a gift. Thank you!"

— Jen