About Jane Sarro

In 1990, while learning deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy in massage school, a guest speaker by the name of Milton Albrecht presented a gentle form of body work called Bowen Therapy. Milton demonstrated these gentle, non-invasive moves over soft tissue on my fellow students and suddenly they were feeling better. “How can this be?” I thought, “It is the opposite of what I am studying.”

While lifting weights a few months later, I injured my left shoulder. I could not rotate it backwards without pain. An employee of the massage school was taking Bowen and said she could try to help me by performing the shoulder procedure. After two sessions I had no pain and my full range of motion was restored. I was amazed how something so gentle could be so powerful and I was hooked. My life’s path was forever changed and I knew very soon I would start taking classes to learn the Bowen Technique.

In 1992, I began my formal training to become a Professional Bowen Practitioner. Even today, I continue to train annually by participating in advanced Bowen classes, always learning new and wonderful healing procedures.

Through the years, I’ve had my share of injuries that were always resolved with Bowenwork. I know firsthand what it’s like to live with pain. I also know how exciting and life-changing it is when the pain is gone. My passion and dedication to Bowenwork lives through my own personal experiences and desire to help others obtain a better quality of life.