Tamara S. – Roseville
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your care and knowledge. I came to you two and half months ago, new to Bowen Therapy, with expectations of pain relief but hopeful for more. Wow, you did not disappoint. I’m 51 years old and I’ve had lifelong pain, discomfort, and sometimes impaired mobility. Some due to structural problems from birth and the rest from several traumas. I’ve used several integrative health practices including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and reiki; all of which brought me relief. However, I must say, I am convinced Bowen Therapy is actually teaching my body to heal from these past traumas and not just providing relief from my symptoms. Not only am I living pain-free days, my athletic performance has improved. I’m grateful I found your practice and I’m loving my improved quality of life!

Lisa M. – Roseville
I first heard of Bowen Therapy when my friend, who had been suffering debilitating shoulder pain and had no relief from physical therapy nor acupuncture, had a miraculous complete recovery after 2 sessions of something called Bowen Therapy. I didn’t think much more about it for a couple years until I had a couple of acupuncture treatments that had no effect on my recurrence of plantar fasciitis and knee pain. I decided to try Bowen. Not only did it work for what I went in for, it also healed a chronic sore finger joint that I had sprained months before and had resolved to just live with the pain that wasn’t going away. I’ve been seeing Jane Sarro at BowenWorks for Healing, for the last 2 years and I consider it a great blessing to receive her sessions. We have successfully healed other ailments such as shoulder, knee, and ankle pain. THE MOST SURPRISING AND AWESOME RESULT HAS BEEN THE ERADICATION OF MY MENOPAUSAL HOT FLASHES through Bowen Therapy. We happened upon that almost by accident as it didn’t even occur to me to ask for help with hot flashes. I just mentioned I had them when talking about the temperature in the treatment room that day and Jane asked “do you want me to help you with that?” The next day the hot flashes were 50% less and totally gone by day 3. Amazing. Thank you, Jane!!!.

Sara Z. – Sacramento
I’ve been under treatment with Jane Sarro for three years, now, and I’m here to say that BowenWorks heals. I can remember when I started with Jane and was reminded just this last week how much pain I had in my neck. Even while waiting between Bowen moves, my neck would still pain me; but as time has gone by I no longer have the pain in my neck during the waiting periods.

However, the first marvelous result I had with BowenWorks was in my right knee. Stiffness had been coming on for about three years and was now paining me when I walked down steps to the point where I was walking sideways, leading with my left leg as to not put pressure on my right knee. After only two adjustments to my right knee, there was no longer pain.

As I say, “BowenWorks is like getting a body ‘tune up.'” I’ll continue to use BowenWorks and highly recommend Jane Sarro. She is excellent and very knowledgeable.

You need to try it.

Anita R.
I have never wrote a review regarding any service from any business, but felt this business really deserved a 5 star rating and thought others would appreciate hearing my findings. I was referred to Bowen Therapy by a friend. I had never heard of it. I was telling her about issues I was having and she suggested Bowen Therapy. I wasn’t getting good results from my MD and thought it was worth a try. My initial problem was pain from a fall off a horse. However I also have issues with High Blood Pressure and Anxiety. My MD had given me medication for both, but due to negative reactions that made my issues worse I discontinued the medication. I googled Bowen Therapy in Roseville and found BowenWorks for Healing. It had good reviews. I was very pleasantly surprised. Jane’s business is in a great and easy to find location. It is a very warm and inviting environment as well as very clean. Jane is also very kind, professional and organized. When I saw Jane I was having pain in my left leg and right arm. I also had high blood pressure (156/92). Not knowing what to expect with the treatment. I actually thought I would be getting some kind of massage. My results were nothing but positive! My BP went down to 122/82, yes it does fluctuate like everyones. But it is guaranteed that when I see Jane it goes down for at least 1 week. I also had a very bad time with anxiety over the holidays. I called Jane to see if I could get in. She was so wonderful and concerned and got me in right away! She has a special procedure for high BP and anxiety. And it truly works!! Thank goodness! I feel much better, my BP is back to normal and my anxiety is gone, all with no medication! If you are looking for something that will help you with your aches and pains, BP or anxiety issues, maybe even other issues. Give Bowen Therapy a try. I have found it works. Just like I was told by the person that referred me. If you are looking for a business that is clean, caring, professional and organized. call Jane at BowenWorks for Healing

Dorothy S.
I’m a 65 year old woman with a partially surgically fused ankle from 15 years ago (for arthritis after an old car accident.) I’ve been wearing a UCB orthotic and short leg brace for over 2 years for pain in the joint below the fusion and was told that it is bone-on-bone arthritis and I’m not a good surgical candidate. After my third Bowen treatment with Jane Sarro, the brace began to feel more problematic than helpful. I started walking in just socks around my home and it felt like a new balance was developing—one that didn’t need or like the brace anymore. After my 5th Bowen treatment I stopped using the brace altogether and am progressing with strengthening the muscles again. It’s now been 3 weeks since discontinuing the brace and I feel better than ever. Bowen is a remarkably subtle but powerful method. I’ve had very deep and painful work before like myofascial release and rolfing, but they never accomplished what this unpainful but powerful method can accomplish. I give the strongest possible recommendation for Jane and for Bowen to anyone who, like me, is dealing with a chronic problem and thought that it couldn’t be improved. I truly thought that I’d never walk without a brace again.

Jill H. – Roseville
I am so glad I found Jane at BowenWorks for Healing. I went looking for help on my back/shoulder spasms coupled with upper arm pain and poor mobility in my neck/shoulder. I filled out the form which asks you to check off about 50 possible ailments that might apply to you. So I checked off a bunch of things that I’ve been dealing with for months and had come to accept as part of my life: jaw pain, sciatica, lower back pain, mid back pain etc. (Wow, I thought – I’m too young for all these ailments!!).

Anyway, I went for the 3 treatments and found them very relaxing. Jane has a beautiful, calming, and comfortable setting for her therapy. I felt like I was at a spa so that alone felt good!

I was focused on my immediate problems that I went for, and at my 3rd visit, Jane asked how my jaw was feeling. Jaw? What jaw problem? The discomfort I had been feeling for months was gone and I hadn’t even noticed it! As I was driving away, I realized that I rarely suffered my nagging (and sometimes painful) lower back pain any more. And last week I spent 5 hours trapped in the window seat of cramped airplane without ANY sciatica pain. Normally that would have set in after an hour or so and have had me hopping out of my seat every hour to try to alleviate the pain.

I’m still struggling with the upper arm pain (spasms, shoulder pain, neck mobility problems are gone). Maybe the upper arm pain is something that Bowenworks can’t help? But I thought I would have to live with the jaw pain, lower back pain, and sciatica forever. So happy to be wrong on that!!!

Synopsis – If you have jaw, lower back pain, or sciatica or really any other problems, go see Jane!!!

Kellene K. – Antelope
I have suffered from tailbone pain for over 8 years. I have seen doctors, physical therapists and even a spine surgeon. I was never able to get any relief for my tailbone pain. X-rays always came back negative and finally I got a diagnosis that it wasn’t my tailbone at all, but my pelvic floor had dropped and all of my pelvic muscles were in a frozen state and pulling my tailbone over to the side 90 degrees. I tried physical therapy for about 9 months and my problems were getting worse over time. My L1 to L5 was “caving” in from my spine being pulled over. I had a grapefruit size “hole” in my lower back. My back pain was aweful. Hurt to stand. Hurt to sit. Hurt to do anything except lay down. Then my L1 and L2 began to pinch a nerve and my left leg went numb several times a day and a stabbing pain started happening. I was getting worse and didn’t know where to turn.

A friend of mine (she is now what I consider my guardian angel) suggested Bowen Therapy to me and said I should give it a try. My friend had body problems of her own and she said Bowen helped her. At this point, nothing could hurt to try. I’ve tried everything out. I went in to my first Bowen appointment with Jane with a positive attitude and feeling full of hope.

I have had only three sessions now with Jane. Yes, three. And I am here to tell you my life has been changed. After one session my left leg pain was completely gone and has never returned. After the second session I found that I was able to sit on something that didn’t have a pillow on it without feeling terrible pain. My tailbone area pain is not completely gone yet, but I have not felt this good in almost a decade. My hope has been restored that I will get better with each passing day and with future Bowen appointments.

I know not only have one guardian angel, I have two! Thank you Jane for my improved quality of life and allowing me to be a active, fun and happy wife and mother again. Bowen works for healing?? It sure does!!

I am a golfer and also have a congenital defect in my spinal cord. Although it is fairly minor, it has caused me to have serious back pain in the past. I discovered Bowen Therapy through some friends in my golf club who swore by it. I found Jane through a referral and have been seeing her for over 8 years. I am on a maintenance program with Jane and have had little to no problem as long as I see her about every two months.

Recently I had some surgery on my scalp and ended up sleeping wrong. The result of that was a stiff neck and my spine out of alignment. One treatment with Jane and two days later I was off on a golf trip to Scottsdale. One of my employees today couldn’t believe that the crippled hunched over boss from last week was back in the office upright and moving with no pain today.

Thank you, Jane, for your healing touch.

Amara, 6 years old
I felt like my brain cracked open, but slowly and gently. It felt like all the flexibility went to my brain.

After 3 visits, I had not one migraine! That’s 3 weeks without a headache. I haven’t had that in 5 years, despite trying many therapies and life alterations. Bowen has given me relief I haven’t had in a long time and my attitude and sense of wellness and balance is remarkable. It’s been life changing. Jane’s experience and skill is a gift. Thank you!

Deborah – Roseville
Thank you so much for asking me to participate in writing a testimony/comment about my experience with Bowen and Jane Sarro, CMT.

I am very overweight. I have many health problems. I was at the end of my rope with the pain I was experiencing. I am on several different medications which cause muscle aches, pains, and muscle breakdown. I have discussed these problems with my MD, who decided not to take me off the meds, but suggest that I visit a Rheumatologist. Yeah, the kind that writes on a prescription pad – Join the “Biggest Loser” TV Show. And so goes the saga of me being “the typical overweight patient”. Everything that goes wrong for overweight people is due to the FAT!!!!!!

OK, so maybe some things are, but then why does BOWEN work for me? Jane never treated me as someone she could not help because of my size. She took a concerned interest in my pain and has worked to benefit my well-being. I had found a vast improvement after one session and more upon the second. I love the program and will continue.

Now I have to figure out how to get up from a sitting position without grunting! I have the grunt down so well, that it is automatic and I wait to feel aches but they are gone! I have signed up for Tai Chi classes and look forward to many more rewards that come from taking care of myself and feeling better! Thank you BOWEN, thank you JANE, you are the best. You make me feel better outside, inside and all around the town.

Lee Ann M. – Rocklin
Because of Jane and her Bowen talents and knowledge, I am no longer entertaining the idea of surgery to repair a damaged nerve in my arm due to over extending it for years on end!

Ever since starting Bowen therapy all I can say is how thankful I am that I have chosen this much less invasive path versus surgery. After my first three sessions I now have feeling back in my hand that once tingled or was numb all the time, and the pain and swelling is gone in my elbow. It’s not 100% healed but nerve damage can take up to a year to heal. I feel that with my continued therapy with Jane, my arm and hand will be “back to new” within no time!

I highly recommend Jane and Bowen therapy in lieu of surgery any day of the week!

Sandria – Folsom
It was a gift certificate from my husband to help with my hip pain. I had a deep tissue massage. It was intense but she checked with me about the pressure continually. I have scar tissue build up after surgery from removing a tumor and this really helps break up the scar tissue and stopped the nerve damage going down my leg. I hope to have one every month to keep the scar tissue from forming again. Jane was very pleasant, explained the procedure and offered other types of massage if I am interested. During the massage she explained what she was doing and I felt very comfortable with her. She was a professional who knew what she was doing. I highly recommend her for pain relief.

Linda – Rancho Cordova
I first started Bowen because of an injury I incurred on the job in 2010. After doing physical therapy and taking the medication that only covered up my symptoms I knew I needed something else. When I first came to Jane I could hardly walk because of the pain in my hips and legs. I couldn’t sleep because the pain was so intense. I saw myself using a walker within the next couple of years if I didn’t get some help.

After the first couple of treatments I was amazed and surprised at how I was feeling. I remember the first time standing up and thinking to myself, “I just stood up and started walking without having to work up to a standing and walking position. There isn’t any pain!” I was also experiencing other healings in my body that I had lived with for years. I had experienced shoulder pain for many years, making it very difficult to do anything using my right arm – from cleaning my home to lifting and holding my precious nephew. The pain has been gone for almost a year. I thought I would have to live with this all my life as nothing brought any relief. I also noticed my body felt stronger, like my muscles and skeleton was able to hold my body upright. My shoulders weren’t bent over and I didn’t feel like I was carrying a heavy load on my back. Those special blessings through Bowen have given me back my life.

I now go in for a treatment about once every three weeks and continue to see progress in my body. I know I am only going to get better and will be able to live out my senior years in a much healthier way, not missing the joys of life.

I know God lead me to and am so grateful for her knowledge of the body, how it works and her heart desire to help all who come into her office. Thank you.

Carolyn – El Dorado Hills
Jane, I had a wonderful time today cross country skiing with old friends. Your Bowen therapy is incredible. I was singing your praises…I will continue to advocate for you and the therapy that has brought me so much relief. That pesky left toe you worked on is getting more flexible and the whole front part of my foot feels better. I’m fairly sure I had changed my walking gait to compensate for it and now it’s starting to get back to normal. I’m not planning to run any marathons, though but I’m hoping it will be warm enough to walk the beach barefoot.

Sandy M. – Placerville
Because of Bowen Therapy done by Jane my pain levels have dropped, allowing me to more things. I have tried several other conventional and alternative therapies to help my neck and low back feel better, but Bowen has been the only therapy to bring fast and consistent results. Before I started Bowen Therapy, the pain from my herniated discs in my back and spinal fusion has left me in bed most of the time. After 10 session with Jane, my neck feels taller, my lower back is more stable and overall I am able to continue graduate school. Jane is not only professional, but she explains the therapy so that between my Bowen sessions I can do my best to keep my pain levels low or non-existent. I feel really blessed to have found Bowen Therapy.

Shawna B. – Roseville
Six years ago I began experiencing chronic pain that would later be diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. I followed my doctor’s advice and took one powerful drug after another, each drug’s side effects more toxic than the last. I finally felt the effects of the medication were more debilitating than the arthritis. I began my journey for more natural ways to treat the condition and was lead to Jane. After a few Bowen treatments with Jane, I was able to walk with very little pain in my knees. I could use the stairs again and was no longer consumed by the pain. I continue to see Jane because arthritis is degenerative and she helps me address joint pain as it arises. I am able to manage my condition with vitamins, herbs and Jane! Thank you Jane for your healing talents and giving people an alternative to Western medicine.